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International Swimming Federation (FINA)

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The brief

The Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) wanted to develop an organisational profile that provided potential partners and media with a first introduction to the federation. It was important that the document communicated important aspects of the organisation that made it an attractive partner, such as the global reach of aquatics, professionalism and strong organisational leadership and management.

Our response

To meet with these expectations, the organisational profile was developed in close collaboration with FINA and structured along the following themes:

  • Building for the future
  • Developing aquatics worldwide
  • Managing global events
  • Winning with partners
  • Connecting with fans

Statistic and fact boxes were inserted throughout the profile to break the text and highlight interesting facts and figures that would help to reinforce the key messages about the organisation.

Besides developing the content, TSE also worked with the designers of the brochure to provide necessary input and recommendations to ensure that the look and feel of the document truly reflected the identity and character of FINA.

From the client

“TSE was a great help in the coordination and execution of this assignment. Not only did they demonstrate a keen sense of understanding of our organisation and the sports industry, but also produced a well-crafted profile.”

Peter Hall
Head of Marketing,
International Swimming Federation

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Asian Athletics Association

"TSE Consulting was able to deliver a clear and useful strategy to us in a short amount of time based on their experience. Their understanding of the IAAF’s needs, coupled with a strong methodology that enabled them to understand our needs was fundamental to the project. We now have a clear way forward for developing Athletics in Asia.

Dahlan Al-Hamad
President, Asian Athletics Association

International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA)

"We need to transform our organisation and our sport to ensure a stronger future and to become a better partner for the Olympic Movement. A long term strategic plan is exactly what we need right now. TSE Consulting was recommended and their extensive experience working with other international sports organisations speaks for itself."

Nenad Lalovic
President, FILA


"It needs to be clear to host cities the value of hosting one particular event over another. We need to be able to clearly communicate the value of our SportAccord Multi-Sport Games. We chose to work with TSE Consulting because of their unique understanding of both the sports world and the public sector. We are confident that TSE will help us to improve the ties between SportAccord and host cities."

David Nivelle

Director Multi Sports Games, SportAccord

Lima 2019

The brief The Peruvian Olympic Committee engaged TSE Consulting to assist them in implementing an extensive and effective campaign strategy for their bid for the 2019 Pan American Games. TSE was asked to develop the strategy to secure a strong and competitive message and implement consistent communication both on a national and international level. Our response As the decision making body for the Games included representation from all Pan American Sport Organisation (PASO) national members, a key factor of the competitive strategy of Lima 2019 was to identify the strengths of Lima and then clearly communicate them to each of the voters. Lima 2019 was competing against bids from Argentina (La Punta), Chile (Santiago) and Venezuela (Ciudad Bolivar). Following initial meetings with the Peruvian Olympic Committee, a comprehensive communication strategy was developed. The focus was to position Lima as the `First Choice' for voters. In cooperation with the Peruvian Olympic Committee and the Lima 2019 bid team, TSE developed the bid book, implemented a communication strategy using a wide range of communication tools to reach voting members and influencers and developed the final presentation. The entire campaign peaked on the last day of the bid when the final presentation, which hit on all key messages, was delivered flawlessly by the team. The result was overwhelming. At PASO's General Assembly in Toronto, in October 2013, Lima 2019 won the right to host the 2019 Pan American Games with a first-round victory (31 votes versus 9 for Argentina, 9 for Chile, 8 for Columbia).

Lima 2019

“TSE Consulting’s strong track record speaks for itself, their professionalism and experience was instrumental throughout our campaign. From early days through to the final presentation they did a great job helping us to develop our message and communicate it to the entire Pan American family.”


José Quiñones


Peruvian Olympic Committee

Denmark-Germany 2019

“During a short and very intense bidding process, TSE proved to be a fantastic partner and excellent source of knowledge throughout the whole campaign. They helped us develop and communicate our plans in a way that made our bid really stand out.” 

Per Bertelsen


Danish Handball Federation


“The vast experience and know-how TSE Consulting brought to our team has been invaluable to this great success.”

Bernhard Bauer


German Handball Federation

City of Halmstad, Sweden

"Since working with TSE we have already celebrated our first success as we won the right to host the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championship. We are confident that we can host more international events in the future and we will put all of our efforts into doing so.”

Ann Johannsson

Head of Halmstad Convention Bureau

City of Halmstad

Qatar Women's Sport Committee (QWSC)

The Qatar Women’s Sport Committee has made tremendous efforts for women’s sport over the last few years and we don’t plan to slow down. Our work has enabled Qatari women to play a much bigger role in society and widen their opportunities. We are pleased to be working with TSE Consulting as their experience in strategic planning within the specific context of the region and with women’s sports is very valuable.

Ahlam Salem M. Al-Mana
Qatar Women’s Sport Committee

Turkish Swimming Federation

It is incredibly inspiring, and a privilege for everybody in the Turkish Swimming Federation, to work with the TSE Consulting sports performance team and project leader Bob Bowman. This project is as important for Turkish sport as a whole as it is for swimming.

Turkish Swimming Federation

City of Manchester

“Manchester is a truly unique city when it comes to sport. A potential regional sports hub would further add to the economic development of Manchester. We are happy to be working with TSE Consulting as they have a unique understanding of the sports market, both national and international. This provides an educated perspective and an efficient way of working, allowing the project to move quickly.”

Neil Fairlamb
Head of Sport,
Manchester City Council

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