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Persuasive communication expert Richard B. Stephenson joins the Academy!

The Academy is pleased to announce that leadership and persuasion expert, Mr. Richard B. Stephenson, has joined the 2016 Academy speaker line-up. Using his vast experience and knowledge in the field, he will equip participants with a systematic set of persuasive tools and techniques that enable leaders to effectively target any audience; to quickly and forcefully develop clear, concrete and convincing messages; and to create a passion-driven communication experience that inspires any audience to action.

A Founding Partner of TrueNorth Consulting, Stephenson is passionate about people performing at their potential. With 18 years international experience at developing strategic communication capabilities for leaders, he is the perfect expert to lead the 2016 Academy Masterclass.

The Academy Masterclass is a specialised part of the conference programme in which an expert will lead an interactive and engaging session with participants. In this Masterclass, sport leaders will learn the tools and techniques of persuasion. This hands-on, interactive two-hour session will incorporate tools, examples and demonstrations, and will be followed by a workshop which puts the theories into daily practice.

Richard B. Stephenson said: “Our leadership success is a result of our communication success. The value of our knowledge, ideas, experience or passion is directly determined by our ability to clearly and convincingly communicate them to the minds and hearts of others. My ambition is to equip every Academy participant with concrete tools to convince anyone of anything at anytime. I look forward to developing top sport leaders’ abilities to effectively influence for their sport.

To learn more about the Academy programme, click here.

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For more information, please contact:

Charles Frémont

Phone: +41 21 313 23 00




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