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TSE Consulting unveils new study about the commercial opportunities related to event hosting

TSE Consulting, the international consulting firm, has published a new independent study called ‘Sports events: are host cities maximising the commercial opportunities?’ The new study explores the hypothesis that cities are not making the most of the commercial-opportunities presented to them through the hosting of sports events.

With results of the survey and interviews coming from over 100 host cities worldwide, TSE’s latest study shows that a majority of respondents (63%) found it likely that their city would be able to host more events if they could generate additional income. However, the results also showed that there are many cities that are not thinking about the commercial opportunities at all or are at least are not aware of how to take full advantage of them.

Based on the results, TSE formulated a number of recommendations, including ideas for cities on how to start developing commercial opportunities, for example, launching an initiative to start generating money from local stakeholders.

The coordinator of this study, Rosmarijn van Kleef, Consultant at TSE, said, “This study gives a new perspective to hosting. Cities have unique assets that could be of interest to event sponsors, and most of the time they are not even aware of the options they have. The results allow host cities and event rights holders to explore a new side of hosting, one that could eventually lead to self-funded sport events.”

TSE Consulting Managing Director, Lars Haue-Pedersen said, “At TSE we invest many resources in these types of studies because we know how much they are valued among our clients and contact cities worldwide. We are already looking forward to our next research project and sharing that with the sport community at large.”

The study was conducted in conjunction with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).

If you are interested in receiving a full copy of the report, please click here.

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Tanya Ng Yuen, TSE Consulting, Consultant

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