Swiss Olympic Association
The brief
Realising that a modern sport organisation is moving from an administrative type role to an advice and consulting based role, Swiss Olympic mandated TSE Consulting to facilitate a training programme aimed at developing the personal "consulting" skills of its staff. Over a period of 8 months, TSE opened its own "toolbox" to share with the staff of Swiss Olympic its view of what it means to be a consultant in the sports world, and how to advice and service "clients".
Our response
Over the course of 8 months, TSE provided Swiss Olympic with six half-day seminars in a way that balances concepts, case studies and exercises. The topics included: 1. Providing quality services Sports administrators actually work in the service industry. They are service providers to their various clients; sponsors, media, fans etc. The most important of these clients is of course their own members, but providing them with visible quality service is not an easy task. This course guides participants in identifying the needs of the organisation's clients and provides the tools needed to provide them with quality, more tangible services. 2. Delivering effective presentations As in most business settings, the sports world has become accustomed to the use of audiovisual tools like MS PowerPoint when making presentations. Unfortunately, all too often we see poorly prepared slides which do nothing but distract the audience and confuse the message. This course provides participants with a clear understanding of how to structure and design presentations that achieve results. In addition, hints are given which can be used immediately to improve the delivery of presentations. 3. Thinking and writing logically Working in the international sports environment requires people to be able to produce clearly written documents that can be quickly understood by a wide range of audiences of different cultures and values. This course aims at helping participants to think in a systemised way, and provides practical hints on how to improve writing skills including hints on how to think and write more logically. 4. Building trust and giving advice The purpose of any governing body is to not only to govern the sport but to also to give advice and help its National Associations improve their daily operations. This programme provides participants with an understanding of the skills that are required to become a real "consultant" and gives hints on how to strengthen relationships to ensure that advice given is effectively used. 5. Influencing and persuading All business communication includes an element of persuasion, whether it is giving advice, providing strategic direction, or simply explaining your most recent bright idea. This programme aims at analysing the various needs of the Association's internal and external audiences, and provides concrete tactics on how to move these audiences around to support your idea. 6. Improving personal effectiveness Like every professional organisation, a sports governing body is only as good as the people who work in it. This course aims at identifying the specificities of the profession of a sport administrator, at every level, in order to better understand what staff should be getting better at for the benefit of the entire organisation. It provides practical tools to increase personal value and motivation in the workplace.

Judith Conrad Head of Development and Training, Swiss Olympic Association


Judith Conrad Head of Development and Training, Swiss Olympic Association

"Swiss Olympic has become a service oriented organisation. We have many different stakeholders that each have different expectations and our staff need to be ready to provide quality services at all times. Because of their understanding of our industry, TSE is the company that can help us improve these specific skills."
More examples of client assignments

Brazilian National Olympic Committee (COB)

“The arrival of Steve Roush and TSE Consulting brought an immense contribution to the development of Olympic Sports in Brazil. His experience leading the American team during three editions of the Olympic Games proved to be very useful. His presence added to the planning that was being done by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, together with the national federations, for the Olympic cycle culminating in 2016 in our country.”

Marcus Vinicius Freire, Executive Sport Director, Brazilian Olympic Committee

Singapore Sports Council (SSC)

“TSE Consulting brought us the international insight that we needed for our strategy to be more efficient in our approach in the international arena in the future.”

Rakel Liew, Deputy Director, Sports Business Division, Singapore Sports Council

Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport

“TSE Consulting came highly recommended and brought not only experience and expertise in performance planning, but also a rigorous approach to deliver a great plan towards .”

Mehmet Özal Sport Manager, Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport

Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)

“TSE Consulting’s expertise and high quality work resulted in a quality report, which was presented to the leadership of the country and will certainly be used in the preparations of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Thanks for the great effort applied for the benefit of World and Russian sports.”

Akhmed Bilalov First vice-president, Russian Olympic Committee

Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

“Cleveland continuously looks for ways to increase its position in the rapidly changing sports marketplace. We hired TSE to assist us in developing strategies and identifying targeted NCAA events with the greatest opportunity for success. With a systematic approach in place, we believe our bid efforts will result in unprecedented success during this bid cycle.”

Mike Mulhall, Vice President – Business Development Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission

“Buffalo continues to transform and reinvent itself. Our infrastructure and resources are changing at a rapid pace. We hired TSE to assist us with a 10-year events strategy which is being used by multiple organizations as we work to better position ourselves in this rapidly changing sports environment. The direction and guidance provided is allowing us to move forward with a plan to invest in capital improvements and a focus that will allow us to target events which are a match for our assets and resources.”

Pete Harvey Director of Sports Development

Abu Dhabi 2020 World Swimming Championships (25m)

“The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is already one of the world’s leading sport event hosts. Securing the right to host the 2020 FINA World Championships helped to reaffirm this position. TSE was instrumental in this success, bringing a unique understanding of the sport event landscape, a strong influence in the international sport industry and an extensive experience in successful bid campaigns.”

Lausanne YOG 2020

”TSE has sat next to us for a lot of major decisions throughout the entire bid process. They have been an excellent sounding board, qualifying a lot of decisions with an external, well informed and interesting point of view. Their assistance has been key in our success.”

Denis Pittet Secretary General Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Bid Committee

Sport Event Fyn

“As the island of event, we have great sport ambitions. However, in order to ensure that we achieve our goals we needed the right partner to help us deliver. TSE’s knowledge and experience within the international sport landscape provided us with the right formula to reach our goals.”

Rasmus Hessum Hansen Head of Sport Event Fyn

Union Cycliste International (UCI)

“Host cities are invaluable partners for us. TSE’s experience, understanding and global network of city contacts has been invaluable and I am confident that with their help we are taking the right approach as we move forward.”

Cyrille Jacobsen Marketing Director, UCI

Turkish Olympic Committee

“We have strong ambitions for the future of Turkish sport. Throughout this project, we have learned a lot from other high-performing NOCs and explored various opportunities to implement some of the best practices. We thank TSE Consulting for being a strong partner in this pursuit of excellence.”

Prof. Dr. Ugur Erderner President, Turkish Olympic Committee

Dubai Sports Council

“We have big ambitions in terms of hosting national and international sports events, but we are equally ambitious in terms of wanting to make sure we optimise the impact they will have for Dubai. We are developing new tools that will assist us in assessing and creating synergy between all of our activities. We are pleased to have TSE Consulting with us as we take this next step.”

Nasser Al Rahma Head of Events, Dubai Sports Council

Asian Athletics Association

“TSE Consulting was able to deliver a clear and useful strategy to us in a short amount of time based on their experience. Their understanding of the IAAF’s needs, coupled with a strong methodology that enabled them to understand
our needs was fundamental to the project. We now have a clear way forward for developing Athletics in Asia.”

Dahlan Al-Hamad President, Asian Athletics Association

United World Wrestling

“We need to transform our organisation and our sport to ensure a stronger future and to become a better partner for the Olympic Movement. A long term strategiy is exactly what we need right now. TSE Consulting was recommended and their extensive experience working with other international sports organisations speaks for itself.”

Nenad Lalovic President, United World Wrestling

Greater Columbus Sports Commission

“Since our inception in 2002, GCSC has secured more than 270 new sporting events for the Columbus community. Our continued success will be predicated upon identifying and securing events that meet our broad, community-based objectives. TSE has helped us formulate, fine-tune and execute our events strategy, guiding us into the next decade.”

Linda Logan Executive Director, Greater Columbus Sports Commission

Turkish Swimming Federation

“It is incredibly inspiring, and a privilege for everybody in the Turkish Swimming Federation, to work with the TSE Consulting sports performance team and project leader Bob Bowman. This project is as important for Turkish sport as a whole as it is for swimming.”

Turkish Swimming Federation

Qatar Women’s Sport Committee (QWSC)

“The Qatar Women’s Sport Committee has made tremendous efforts for women’s sport over the last few years and we don’t plan to slow down. Our work has enabled Qatari women to play a much bigger role in society and widen their opportunities. We are pleased to be working with TSE Consulting as their experience in strategic planning within the specific context of the region and with women’s sports is very valuable.”

Ahlam Salem M. Al-Mana President, Qatar Women's Sport Committee

Danish Swimming Federation

“To help us fulfill our vision to become the best sports federation in Denmark, we have asked TSE Consulting to conduct a thorough analysis of our organization and services. For us TSE Consulting was the obvious choice on behalf of their deeply analytical skills and unique expertise in change management in sports organisation.”

Pia Holmen Director, Danish Swimming Federation

City of Halmstad, Sweden

“Since working with TSE we have already celebrated our first success as we won the right to host the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championship. We are confident that we can host more international events in the future and we will put all of our efforts into doing so.”

Ann Johannsson Head of Halmstad Convention BureauCity of Halmstad

Denmark-Germany 2019

“During a short and very intense bidding process, TSE proved to be a fantastic partner and excellent source of knowledge throughout the whole campaign. They helped us develop and communicate our plans in a way that made our bid really stand out.[1]”

“The vast experience and know-how TSE Consulting brought to our team has been invaluable to this great success.[2]”

Per Bertelsen President,Danish Handball Federation [1] Bernhard Bauer President, German Handball Federation [2]

City of Manchester

“Manchester is a truly unique city when it comes to sport. A potential regional sports hub would further add to the economic development of Manchester. We are happy to be working with TSE Consulting as they have a unique understanding of the sports market, both national and international. This provides an educated perspective and an efficient way of working, allowing the project to move quickly.”

Neil Fairlamb Head of Sport, Manchester City Council

City of Amsterdam

“TSE’s understanding of the sport world helped us in shaping our hosting strategy for years to come. In particular, their understanding of the sport of
Athletics helped us develop a very strong and convincing narrative for the 2016 European Athletics Championships. We won, and this great success is now a key stepping stone for our Olympic ambitions.”

Henk Stokhof Director of Olympic Ambition, City of Amsterdam

Qatar Olympic Committee

“We were looking to work with a team whose experience and expertise in creating successful communication campaigns would help us to highlight our strengths and expand the reach of our message. We found a great partner in TSE Consulting; their professionalism and dedication were instrumental to our success.”

Saadoun Al Kuwari Director, Qatar Olympic Committee Vice President, Qatar 2015 of Bid Committee


“Pittsburgh has become one of the most important sports cities in the United States, with storied professional franchises, state of the art venues and numerous NCAA collegiate institutions. These community partners are important and we know the important role they will play in our continued growth. We look forward to our work with TSE as we formulate a long-term strategy that will serve not only Pittsburgh but the surrounding area.”

Jennifer Hawkins Director, Sports Marketing and Development, VisitPITTSBURGH

City of Ottawa

“In 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary – as the Capital, we have ambitious plans to make sure that it is celebrated in style. We are thrilled to be working with TSE whose knowledge and experience are invaluable as we step into this highly competitive market.”

Glenn Duncan Vice-President, Ottawa Tourism

Danish Ministry of Culture and Sport

“With their experience in sport and previous assignments for the Ministry, we chose TSE Consulting as project leader of the evaluation. We are confident that TSE will live up to our expectation and deliver a thorough analysis of how to further the participation in grassroots sport in Danish municipalities.”

Bente Skovgaard Kristensen Head of Sports Division, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Denmark

City of Edmonton

“TSE helped us approach event selection, bidding, and hosting in a more comprehensive way which maximizes our resources. With their guidance, we have developed an ambitious plan which will continue to make Edmonton a destination of choice for leading sport federations and organisations.”

Candice Stasynec Executive Director - Inter-governmental and External Affairs, Office of the Edmonton City Manager

Sport Event Denmark

“When we needed to grow our contact base and knowledge on how to expand our reach in the international sports world, TSE was the natural choice.”

Lars Lundov Executive Director, Sport Event Denmark

World Archery Federation

“When we decided to develop a new strategic plan for Archery, TSE naturally came to our minds because of their external point of view and their wealth of experience and knowledge in this area.”

Tom Dielen Secretary General, World Archery Federation


“It needs to be clear to host cities the value of hosting one particular event over another. We need to be able to clearly communicate the value of our SportAccord Multi-Sport Games. We chose to work with TSE Consulting because of their unique understanding of both the sports world and the public sector. We are confident that TSE will help us to improve the ties between SportAccord and host cities.”

David Nivelle Director Multi Sports Games, SportAccord

City of Lausanne/State of Vaud

“We chose TSE because of their wealth of knowledge in sports management and their in-depth understanding of the role of the modern sport manager.”

Patrice Iseli Director of Sports, City of Lausanne

Gauteng Provincial Government

“We are determined to ensure that we are fully prepared to capitalise on our achievements in 2010 which is why we have commissioned this study with TSE now.”

Ivor Hoff Chief Director Sport & Recreation, Gauteng Provincial Government

Bahrain Ministry of Youth and Sport

“TSE was very instrumental in providing cutting edge information in terms of both sport marketing and management to local Sports Clubs and Associations in Bahrain.”

HE Sheik Fawaz Al-Kalifa Minister of Sport, Bahrain Ministry of Youth and Sport

City of Copenhagen

“As a city at the starting point of entering the sports events market, we have benefited tremendously by the strategic advice, the guidance and the connections provided by TSE Consulting.”

Lars Bernhard Jorgensen CEO, Wonderful Copenhagen

Korean Olympic Committee

“TSE has been a trusted advisor, their insight and expertise has proved to be invaluable to our continued success.”

Dr. Jung-Kil Kim President, Korean Olympic Committee

Swiss Olympic Association

“Swiss Olympic has become a service oriented organisation. We have many different stakeholders that each have different expectations and our staff need to be ready to provide quality services at all times. Because of their understanding of our industry, TSE is the company that can help us improve these specific skills.”

Judith Conrad Head of Development and Training, Swiss Olympic Association

City of Ekurhuleni

“TSE Consulting offers the City of Ekurhuleni unique and dynamic solutions for projects related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.”

Joe Mojapelo General Manager 2010, City of Ekurhuleni

Mexican Swmimming Federation, Guadalajara

“We approached TSE Consulting because of their strong track record. Their advice and assistance during this campaign has been invaluable. Under tight deadlines and intense competition they delivered a winning bid book and final presentation and all of the right communication in between. They played a vital role in securing us the event.”

Kiril Todorov President,Mexican Swimming Federation

Poland-Ukraine 2012

“TSE was instrumental in the development of our communication strategy and did a great job spreading our message to key audiences, leading us to a fantastic victory.”

Dirck Smits Van Oyen General Manager of the Bid, UEFA EURO 2012

UAE Swimming Federation, Dubai

“TSE Consulting was instrumental in the development of our very convincing bid communication. They enabled us to develop and structure our communication strategy in a way that made our bid unique, outstanding and successful.”

Ahmed Al-Falasi President, UAE Swimming Federation

Turkish Athletics Federation

“TSE enabled us to structure our bid plan and communication strategy in a way that we could make it clear to the IAAF that our bid was an extremely strong one. We are very proud that the message got through so successfully.”

Mehmet Terzi President, Turkish Athletics Federation

Union Européenne de Football Associations (UEFA)

“With both their understanding of the challenges a sports organisation faces everyday and their experience of developing training sessions for sports administrators, TSE provided us with an adequate educational scenario and content responding to the real needs of the associations.”

Andreas Kuhn Head of Assistance Programmes, UEFA

International Swimming Federation (FINA)

“TSE was a great help in the coordination and execution of this assignment. Not only did they demonstrate a keen sense of understanding of our organisation and the sports industry, but also produced a well-crafted profile.

Peter Hall Head of Marketing, International Swimming Federation

World Bowling

“The World Championships helps us to showcase bowling on an international stage and also gives us an opportunity to build relationships with host cities from around the world. When the event is over, we want to be able to leave behind a strong emotional attachment between bowling and the surrounding community. We believe that TSE can help us to achieve that goal.”

Kevin Dornberger CEO, World Bowling

Danish Volleyball Federation

“TSE Consulting, with their experience in bidding for sport events and their knowledge of our sport, was the clear choice for our federation when the decision to bid was made.”

Erik Jakobsen President, Danish Volleyball Federation

International Federation of American Football (IFAF)

“We chose TSE Consulting because of their specific knowledge and deep understanding of improving global recognition of sport organisations, and we are confident that we will benefit from their expertise.”

Tommy Wiking President, International Federation of American Football

International University Sports Federation (FISU)

“Our discussions with TSE surrounding the Universiades have been positive and inspiring. I am excited about building new relationships with cities and the future enhancement of our event. TSE’s experience and knowledge is an invaluable step forward for FISU.”

Eric Saintrond Secretary General/CEO, International University Sports Federation

World Air Sports Federation (FAI)

“With TSE’s knowledge of both the federations and numerous active host cities around the globe, it seemed like the perfect response to our desire to bring the World Air Games to the next step.”

Jean Marc Badan Promotional Manager, World Air Sports Federation

Olympic Solidarity (IOC)

“In addition to providing very useful skills and a good understanding of the field of consulting, the programme was very motivating for our staff.”

Pere Miro Director, Olympic Solidarity

International World Games Association (IWGA)

“TSE has great experience working with numerous sport cities based in different continents. Working together has ensured that our flagship event works for the benefit of The World Games host cities.”

Ron Froehlich President, International World Games Association

Saudi Arabian Swimming Federation

“We decided to work with TSE because we were looking for a partner who has the experience of implementing sound strategic models successfully within major sports federations.”

Ali S Qahtani Secretary General, Saudi Arabian Swimming Federation

United States Bowling Congress (USBC)

“The United States Bowling Congress continually seeks ways to serve its members more effectively during its two major annual tournaments. We think that TSE can help us improve our bidding process and bring even stronger ties between the USBC and its host cities.”

Brian Lewis Director of Championships, United States Bowling Congress

International Center for Sports Studies (CIES)

“We approached TSE because of their capacity to bring academic knowledge together with hands-on experience that they turn into meaningful tips for our students. We are glad to have them on board every year to leverage on their expertise for the development of the FIFA Master.”

Vincent Schatzmann Secretary General, CIES

International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

“TSE`s ability to synthesise and add value was instrumental in the creation of our new members Manual. It is now a user friendly document that we are very proud to distribute to our members.”

Zoran Radovic Development Manager, International Basketball Federation

International Rowing Federation (FISA)

“TSE Consulting provided us with a new approach to organising a major sports conference and they deserve much credit for the huge success of our World Rowing Forum.”

Matt Smith Executive Director, International Rowing Federation

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